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100% Return
when you buy

Cryptium combines the downside protections of a stablecoin with the upside potential of an altcoin.

12% Annual Return

A return equal to or greater than 12% per year. 

Monthly Income

Swap up to 10% of your Cryptium to enhance your monthly income or cash flow. 

Dumping Penalties

Swaps exceeding 10% are hit with a 50% penalty to prevent panic selling and large investors from dumping.

Never Lose Value

Get redeemable tokens that ensure you never lose your principle value. 

100% Return When you buy Cryptium today - Limited Time Only

Watch and Learn
How to Purchase Cryptium
Inspiration Behind Cryptium

Why Cryptium? Because like you we also want: 

No day trading or market timing
No panic selling or dumping
No market manipulators or volatilities
No staking and no stressful complexities
No experience no problem

Cryptium, more than a token:

An Investment Partnership

As soon as you buy Cryptium, not only do you join the Cryptium ecosystem, but you also become a partner in the Cryptium Venture Capital Investment Fund. This fund invests and focuses on Small and Medium Sized Businesses globally.

Cryptium has allocated 67% of the token supply to invest, with matching funds, in businesses, their cash flows, and their capital reserves. As these businesses do well, so does the Cryptium value and price. These investments provide real economics and stability to the underlying value of Cryptium.

If you are a business and would like to see if you qualify for matching investments from the Cryptium Venture Capital Fund, reach out to us. 

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100% Return When you buy Cryptium today - Limited Time Only

Lunar Craters

Tokens and Timelines

Cryptium (CRPT): The full power of Cryptium will be ready in Q4 of 2021.


At present there are two temporary Cryptium Tokens in circulation:

  1. Token O (CRPT-O) – Launched in February 2021, and is only created when purchasing Over-the-Counter or OTC. CRPT-O tokens prevent slippage for large purchases of at least $25,000 USD, but requires Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols. 

  2. Token P (CRPT-P) – Launched in March 2021, and is publicly traded on Uniswap as a fully tradable token.     

Want to learn more? Have questions? Need Help?

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Connect, chat, and let us help!

The Cryptium Team 

We are passionate about all things decentralized, technology and blockchain. This is why we started AuDeFi, the maker of Cryptium. AuDeFi is on a mission to build FinTech solutions that empower financial freedom. Unlike many crypto teams, who remain anonymous, we are committed to transparency and doing everything in compliance with regulations, and for long term sustainability.  

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Patrick Poirier 

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Mike Sites

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Sahil Verma
Chief Legal

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John Stanley 

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Joanna Soh-Pereira

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Michel Laporte
Data Modeller

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Mehdi Taobane
Token Simulation

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Core Values

  • Innovation: We are constantly challenging each other and our ideas. We want to always be creating and improving how we work, how we think and how we execute.  

  • Collaboration: We recognize in a very real way, the synergy that results from collaborations. We are always on the look out to expand our network of resources and partners. 

  • Integrity: We are a team that is committed to the highest standard of integrity. We do our best to do what we say we are going to do.  

  • Transparency: We are committed to full transparency with how Cryptium is being managed. We invite the public to follow our Telegram and Discord Group, were we will share news and financial operations.


100% Return When you buy Cryptium today!
Limited Time Only

To reward early buyers and supporters of the Cryptium vision, when you buy now and when the full CRPT token is available, we will match your purchase. This gives you a return of 100%! 

How it works:

You must have purchased the tradable Cryptium token on Uniswap and in your wallet a week prior to the Cryptium launch, which is anticipated to be in Q4 of 2021. 

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At launch your Cryptium token will automatically convert to the full functioning token CRPT.


At which time the matching Cryptium tokens can be claimed and redeemed in monthly intervals over a vesting period of 12 months.  


For example, if you buy $1200 worth of the Cryptium token between now and a week prior to the launch, then your temporary CRPT-P token will be converted to the full functioning CRPT token, and you can claim your extra $100 worth of Cryptium each month for next 12 months following the launch. In this way, you are assured a 100% return on the Cryptium that you buy now.  

Secure your 100% return today!

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